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The All Points North podcast has everything you need to know about the news in Finland this week. All Points North is produced by Yle News, a unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.


Migri queues, voting issues and housing loans

torstaina 15.4.20 min

This week the podcast asks why people are waiting for hours outside immigration offices, explores a new tool students created to encourage people to vote, and reports on a bit of good news for homebuyers.

This week's show was presented by Egan Richardson and Zena Iovino. The producer was Mark B. Odom and the sound engineer Laura Koso.

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15 April 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

Getting out the vote

torstaina 8.4.16 min

Why should people vote in local elections? It's a question many ask, so we sought answers from Josefina Sipinen of Tampere University.

8 April 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

APN meets: Harry Harkimo of Movement Now

torstaina 1.4.41 min

Like several other countries, Finland also has a former reality show host turned politician. We asked Hjallis Harkimo about show business, social media promotion, ice hockey, and Russian elites, among other things.

APN meets: Petteri Orpo of the National Coalition Party

torstaina 25.3.36 min

Petteri Orpo talks about how to fight discrimination and help foreign students as well as the EU bailout fund. 25 March 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

APN Meets: Sari Essayah of the Christian Democrats

torstaina 18.3.44 min

We ask the leader of the Christian Democrats how the party’s values interact with local politics. 18 March 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

APN Meets: Li Andersson of the Left Alliance

torstaina 11.3.45 min

As Covid variants spread, we ask Li Andersson, Education Minister and leader of the Left Alliance, if Finland has done enough to protect schools.

APN Meets: Annika Saarikko of the Centre Party

torstaina 4.3.39 min

We ask Annika Saarikko, Culture Minister and leader of the Centre Party, why Finland has shut down concerts to fight Covid — but not pubs.

4 March 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

APN Meets: Anna-Maja Henriksson of the Swedish People's Party

torstaina 25.2.31 min

We ask the leader of the Swedish People’s Party what it offers non-Swedish speakers and how Finland can combat depopulation. 25 February 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North Meets: Maria Ohisalo of the Green League

torstaina 18.2.41 min

APN asked Ohisalo how to improve employment among immigrant women, whether the government's climate goals are realistic, and what she's achieved as Interior Minister. 18 February 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

APN Meets: Jussi Halla-aho of the Finns Party

torstaina 11.2.43 min

We talk to the leader of the Finns Party in the first of our party leader interviews ahead of local elections in April. 11 February 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

Busy schedules and wasted potential

torstaina 4.2.17 min

Why are politicians so busy this week? And why are employers reluctant to recognise foreign degrees? 4 February 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

Housing, elections and a tale of two Finlands

torstaina 28.1.16 min

The capital’s real estate sector continues to thrive during the pandemic, widening the socio-economic gap in some areas including in terms of political representation. 28 January 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

Kids' hobby ban scrutinised and virtually leaving Finland

torstaina 21.1.14 min

Debate flares on Covid restrictions on kids’ hobbies and job hunts become global as the pandemic expands the potential of remote work. 21 January 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

Cold weather and Covid vaccines

torstaina 14.1.20 min

On this week's show Egan and Ndéla look at Finland's vaccine rollout, the cold snap, local democracy and remote working tax deductions. Join the conversation on WhatsApp: +358 44 421 0909 / 14 January 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

2020 according to All Points North

torstaina 17.12.202042 min

We take a look at what truly made 2020 a very unusual year. From mouldy homes to nationwide pay deals...and of course the pandemic. Join us for a look back at the most memorable stories of the year. 17 December 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Housing, elections and a tale of two Finlands

torstaina 26.11.202016 min

The capital’s real estate sector continues to thrive during the pandemic, widening the socio-economic gap in some areas including in terms of political representation. 28 January 2021 / All Points North / Yle News

Jobs in a Covid economy and Finland’s football flop

torstaina 19.11.202029 min

All Points North considers the bright spots in an otherwise dire job market outlook, answers common employment-related questions and digests Finland’s UEFA Nations League loss to Wales.

Child welfare, youth crime and Covid vaccines

torstaina 12.11.202023 min

When will we all get vaccinated against Covid-19? Is Finnish foster care a one-way deal? And is Helsinki really beset with young criminals? All questions tackled in this week's show. 12 November 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

US election tension, residency rights mixups, boys’ big snip

torstaina 5.11.202023 min

A nail-biting Finnish in the US presidential election, blunders at local registry offices deprive some international students of voting rights and debate intensifies over male circumcision.

Data breach, safe sports and who needs daylight saving time?

torstaina 29.10.202024 min

A large scale data breach and extortion campaign has overshadowed the Covid-19 epidemic -- for now. Plus, safe corona-era sports and the annual daylight saving debate. 29 October 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Divided Helsinki, long Covid and dodgy banknotes

torstaina 22.10.202023 min

Power follows money, at least that seems to be the case in local politics in Helsinki. 'Long Covid' sufferers turn to community for support and a businessman finds himself in court over loads of dirty money. 22 October 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Sote explained, electricity price gouging and more mask wrangling

torstaina 15.10.202021 min

On this week's show we look at how Finland hopes to reform its health and social care system, dissect the political wrangling this week and ask what kind of pictures a prime minister can really take. 15 October 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Is it ever okay for police to pepper spray protesters?

torstaina 8.10.202026 min

This week we ask what it's like to be pepper sprayed while peacefully protesting, and whether it can ever be justified. The English version of a corona alert app also gets a look in, along with the latest on the epidemic.

8 October 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland calls for masks and early pub closures to fight Covid

torstaina 1.10.202024 min

With case counts rising, we reported that Finland wants to close pubs early, looked at hockey crowds during the pandemic and asked if we really live in 'Finntopia'. 1 October 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Heritage language classes, face mask police, and Finnish homoerotica in Japan

torstaina 24.9.202026 min

Parents in Jyväskylä resist plans to drop heritage language teaching, Kela explains who can get unemployment benefits and Japan gets an eyeful of gay erotica from Finland. 24 September 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

What in the world is a 'budget barn'?

torstaina 17.9.202029 min

Finland's 'budget barns' are where politicians sort the wheat from the spending chaff, but what did they decide in the latest edition? 17 September 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland talks immigration (again), how many homes is enough, and is First Dog Lennu OK?

torstaina 10.9.202021 min

A new report says it's time for Finland to create a population policy -- and that means also coming up with an immigration strategy. Plus, we also ask if it's realistic for people to live in multiple locations and why the presidential dog is keeping a low profile. 10 September 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

What's stopping foreigners buying flats in Finland? And will Finland spend more on kids to save money in the long run?

torstaina 3.9.202022 min

Foreigners miss out on flats, some struggle with a Finnish-language tracing app and Finland wants more moms to work.

Is Finland the world's next Covid haven?

torstaina 27.8.202019 min

Could Finland become a safe haven for global telecommuters fleeing Covid? And is it okay for politicians to recommend products on social media? 27 August 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Climate hunger strikers, skin lightening and a stadium reopening

torstaina 20.8.202023 min

Can hunger strikers change government policy on climate change? Why do people use skin lightening creams? And what's the new Olympic stadium like inside? 20 August 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

School language options, sports injuries and tree hugging

torstaina 13.8.202022 min

Finland’s youngsters returned to school this week amid new mask guidelines and stricter application of quarantine rules for arrivals from risk countries. APN looks at primary school language learning options and injury risks in kids’ sports -- and tree hugging. 13 August 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland’s mask dance, Covid-era school and work and a premier’s wedding

torstaina 6.8.202022 min

After much national debate and hand-wringing, Finland is on the brink of rolling out targeted recommendations to use face masks on public transportation and in certain public spaces. The move follows a rise in Covid-19 cases as a work-from-home advisory is lifted and kids get ready to go back to school. 6 August 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Mask tug of war, foreign students in a fix and the great outdoors

torstaina 30.7.202016 min

How will Finland adjust as it removes the last of the coronavirus restrictions? Who will lead the Centre Party? Will students make it to Finland in the autumn? And where should people go to experience the great outdoors? APN has the answers. 30 July 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Marin punches back, foreigners in local elections, jobless benefits

torstaina 23.7.202022 min

Prime Minister Sanna Marin comes out swinging to defend the EU’s 750-billion-euro recovery fund, APN looks at foreigners in local government elections, labour market leaders square off over expanding earnings-based unemployment benefit coverage -- and Finland trains Covid sniffer dogs. 23 July 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland moves towards a post-Covid era

torstaina 18.6.202024 min

Finland is finally free of the state of emergency introduced to rein in the coronavirus epidemic. But for some people life will never be the same again. 18 June 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Foreign students, entrepreneurs struggle in coronavirus Finland

torstaina 11.6.202016 min

Finland’s first coronavirus epidemic wave is subsiding -- but the story’s not over yet! 11 June 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Going the distance

torstaina 4.6.202019 min

What happens when social distancing fatigue sets in but the majority of the population is still susceptible to infection? 4 June 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Corona crisis fallout: EU edition

torstaina 28.5.202015 min

Finland has been cool on EU spending to help fight the crisis — but is that attitude about to turn? 28 May 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Normalising the abnormal

torstaina 14.5.202020 min

Finland’s first steps in a post-pandemic world, an open source vaccine and baking your way through anxiety. 14 May 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland’s great coronavirus exit

torstaina 7.5.202020 min

From 1 June, many people in Finland will see a return to some kind of normalcy as government lifts some of the restrictions in place to tamp down the coronavirus epidemic. But how normal will the new normal really be? 7 May 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

School's (not yet) out for summer

torstaina 30.4.202016 min

Children in Finland are going back to school after the coronavirus shutdown, THL weighs in on face masks, and what on earth is a 'virtual Vappu'? 30 April 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North: Finland cancels summer

torstaina 23.4.202015 min

Can we travel this summer? All Points North explores pandemic staycations and other burning questions.

23 April 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Masks, Marin and the mass cottage exodus

torstaina 16.4.202025 min

Should we all wear face masks? Why can't we buy masks? And is it okay to visit your summer cottage? All Points North tackles these and other coronavirus issues.

16 April 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland's self-employed fight to survive coronavirus

torstaina 9.4.202024 min

The coronavirus crisis has sent self-employed, freelancers and other solo entrepreneurs into a tailspin. All Points North looks at the rescue measures aimed at relieving their pain. 9 April, 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Adapting to online-only school in Finland

torstaina 2.4.202023 min

As coronavirus changes how kids learn, access to technology highlights inequality in education. 2 April 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Coronavirus and the isolation of Uusimaa

torstaina 26.3.202026 min

As Finland prepares to restrict movement to and from its biggest region, All Points North looks at what ordinary people can and should do to help fight coronavirus.

Life in the time of coronavirus: The new normal?

torstaina 19.3.202033 min

The government has announced a partial state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak in Finland. Schools are closed and those who can are working from home. Almost overnight, the way we live has changed dramatically -- will it ever be the same again?

19 March 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Gig workers face tough choices over coronavirus

torstaina 12.3.202039 min

Gig workers face tough choices over coronavirus As the number of novel coronavirus cases in Finland spirals, many employers are urging employees to stay at home if they feel sick or suspect they've been infected or exposed to the disease. But can gig economy workers really afford to self-quarantine?

March 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland's sick buildings

torstaina 5.3.202028 min

Is mould exposure making people sick - or is it all in their heads? All Points North explores whether people or buildings need treatment. 5 March 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

The Lutheran Church's gay marriage dilemma

torstaina 27.2.202037 min

Three years after gay marriage laws took effect in Finland, the countryand's Lutheran Evangelical Church is still to reconcile the law of the land with religious doctrine. All Points North talks about the church's struggle to find a clear path forward and heal internal divisions. 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

What's it like being an Erasmus exchange student in Finland?

torstaina 20.2.202030 min

Erasmus-plus is an EU programme supporting education, training, youth and sport across Europe. Its €14.7 billion budget helps around four million students gain invaluable experiences around the world. A handful of those students, like Yle News' visiting trainees, JJ Clarke and Tirna Slevin, come to Finland. This week All Points North looks at what life is like being an Erasmus exchange student in Finland. 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

What's in a name? Women's football looks to become just 'football'

torstaina 13.2.202030 min

Finland's women footballers want the same recognition and opportunities as their counterparts elsewhere in Europe, and this week All Points North asked HJK forward Linda Ruutu and FA development chief Heidi Pihlaja how they are going to make that happen. 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

When you're on the wrong side of the child welfare system

torstaina 6.2.202051 min

Child protection reports are an important part of social work in Finland, but what happens when people make groundless reports? APN looks at what happens when people weaponise the child welfare system.

06 February 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Brexit finally means Brexit, but what does it mean for you?

torstaina 30.1.202032 min

On the eve of Brexit day, All Points North asks what it all means for Brits in Finland and Finns in Britain. 30 January 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

Dry January: Can it curb Finland's alcohol habit?

torstaina 23.1.202033 min

Finland has observed Dry January or "tipaton tammikuu" for more than 70 years, all while maintaing a state monopoly on alcohol sales. This week All Points North peels back the label on the month of alcohol abstinence to look at the history, the context and whether or not it makes a difference.

Does Finland still have the "best schools" in the world?

torstaina 16.1.202030 min

Finland's Pisa results have been declining for the past decade. What happened to Finland's much-celebrated education miracle? APN tries to find answers.

What do locked doors have to do with your pay? A lot!

torstaina 9.1.202039 min

Most people in Finland get a pay rise each year. But how is the bargain struck? All Points North explains (almost) all. 9 January 2020 / All Points North / Yle News

2019: Elections, eagle owls, and is Finland really still the world's happiest country?

torstaina 26.12.201946 min

What went right, what went wrong, and what made us laugh in 2019. 26 December 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Christmas Special: How Santa became Finnish

torstaina 19.12.201928 min

All Points North goes to Lapland to find out how one radio broadcast in 1927 sparked Finland's booming Christmas tourism industry. 19 December 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Is investing really only for the rich?

torstaina 12.12.201934 min

How can you invest if you don't have spare cash each month? We figure out how to carve out a nest egg with private investor Merja Mähkä, who says that investing is an important part of financial planning for most people. 12 December 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

APN New Prime Minister special

keskiviikkona 11.12.201919 min

What's ahead for Finland under new premier Sanna Marin? All Points North looks at the state of play.

What happened next after Finland gained independence?

torstaina 5.12.201934 min

Kjell Westö on the background to the Finnish independence. How deep are the scars of the Civil War? 5 December 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Why did Finland's Prime Minister resign?

keskiviikkona 4.12.201934 min

What's going on in Finnish politics? Who will be the new Prime Minister after Antti Rinne resigned? What is the Centre Party doing? We answer these questions and more with Yle's Katri Makkonen. 4 December 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Costly city homes, crumbling country houses: Navigating Finland's housing market

torstaina 28.11.201930 min

The forces of regionalisation and urbanisation are reshaping Finland's real estate market. Do young people still stand a chance of becoming homeowners? 27 November 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Can startups tackle Finland's workplace diversity problem?

torstaina 21.11.201944 min

Finland's premier startup event kicks Slush amid a conversation about the lack of diversity in the tech and startup sectors. Can startups lead the way in creating more inclusive workplaces in Finland? Entrepreneur and non-profit startup founder Anne Badan joins APN to talk about why she's optimistic they can. 21 November 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

How high can the Huuhkajat fly?

torstaina 14.11.201930 min

: This week's All Points North looks at why Finland's male footballers are now, after 80 years of trying, about to qualify for a major football tournament. Is it down to Pukki mania? Is Glen Kamara a driving force? We ask sports monthly Elmo Lehti features editor Topias Kauhala to guide us through. / All Points North / Yle News

Grading Antti Rinne's first 150 days in office

torstaina 7.11.201934 min

As Antti Rinne's government grapples with employment and climate challenges, we look at how well they are meeting voter expectations. Will it fulfill pledges of more jobs, concrete climate action and a reinforced social welfare state? With the Finns Party rising in the polls we also look at how climate and immigration are becoming populist wedge issues. Yle political journalists Helmiina Suhonen and Robert Sundman join the discussion.

Does Finland need a flight tax?

torstaina 31.10.201947 min

Flying has become much more common in recent years, but should we be doing it less to try and protect the climate? All Points North looks at proposals for a flight tax. 31 October 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Who do you call when you suspect biased hiring practices?

torstaina 24.10.201927 min

People who suspect hiring bias because of their gender can turn to the Equality Ombudsman for help. But many don't know what to do when they believe they've been discriminated against in the recruitment process. This week APN sits down with Michaela Moua, senior officer from the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman's office to discuss what the authority can and cannot do. 24 October 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Foreign dads seek community during parental leave

torstaina 17.10.201935 min

Finland plans to reform parental leave to encourage more dads to participate in child-rearing. The policy is seen as a move toward greater gender-equality in family roles and also as a much-needed boost for falling birth rates. But paternity leave can be isolating for foreign fathers in particular. Dad James Cramer and Fabrizio Turci of the family integration non-profit Familia join APN to discuss how to support foreign stay-at-home dads. 17 October 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Is Finland welcoming enough to foreign workers?

torstaina 10.10.201944 min

Finnish policy on residence permits for highly-skilled migrants is under the spotlight this week, so we asked Melanie Dower from Supercell and Rasmus Roiha from Software E-Business Finland what needs to change and why. / All Points North / Yle News

Back to school: Can Finland teach in English?

torstaina 3.10.201929 min

Finland says foreign labour will help shore up the economy. But how does the country's education system serve multicultural, multilingual families? Anu Halvari from the Finnish National Agency for Education and British father Steve El-Sharawy help us explore this topic.

Climate Change policy: Is Finland doing enough?

torstaina 26.9.201935 min

Finland aims to be carbon neutral by the year 2035, but what changes does that demand? And what adjustments can you make to your everyday life to help? We ask Riina Pursiainen, vice-chair of the Finnish chapter of Youth Agenda 2030, and Amanda Rejström, CEO of the social enterprise Spark Sustainability, to help us answer these questions.

All Points North: Gambling with addiction -- does Finland have a problem?

torstaina 19.9.201937 min

What's it like to live with a gambling addict? We ask Pinja Hiltunen how her mother's addiction affected her childhood. She wants slot machines removed from kiosks and grocery stores. Hannu Rinkinen, Veikkaus' manager for responsible gaming, provides the gambling monopoly's view. 19 September 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Brexit: The unknown unknowns

torstaina 12.9.201925 min

This week APN looks at the latest in the Brexit saga as the UK prepares - maybe - to leave the EU on 31 October. What impact will the messy divorce have on British people living in Finland and Finnish nationals in the UK? Our guests today are the British Ambassador to Finland Tom Dodd and Helsinki University EU researcher Timo Miettinen. 12 September 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Obstacles for international students in Finland - and other useful info

perjantaina 6.9.201935 min

This week's APN takes a look at the residence permit roadblock that some higher education students face in their bid to study in Finland. There are an estimated 20,000 international students in higher educations insitutions at present, and more are being courted. What should potential freshmen know? Our guests today are Heidi Rättyä of the National Union of University Students in Finland and Leena Turku of the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri. 5 September 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North: The "Famous Five" begin their four-year government adventure

torstaina 6.6.201937 min

The i's are all dotted and the t's crossed on the new cabinet and the government programme put together by Antti Rinne's five-party coalition. But what does it all mean in practice for ordinary people and how easy will it be for the administration to make good on its proposals? Political commentator Sini Korpinen and Helsinki University world politics professor Teivo Teivainen join APN to unpack the latest developments.

Entrepreneurship in Finland - what you should know before taking the plunge

perjantaina 31.5.201956 min

Many immigrants in Finland turn to entrepreneurship when they can't get a job. But while starting a business may seem quite straightforward, staying afloat can be challenging. Entrepreneurs Pamela Spokes and Vahid Mortezaei as well as business advisor Teemu Polo of Newco Helsinki join APN to talk about everything people considering entrepreneurship should know.

31 May / All Points North / Yle News

Europarliament election - what's at stake for voters in Finland?

perjantaina 24.5.201942 min

Voters in Finland seem to be taking European Parliament elections seriously, as the latest figures show a bigger advance turnout than in 2014. All Points North looks at what's firing voters up, whether they're cooling on populist parties, and how the new parliament in Brussels could affect their future. Helsinki University world politics professor Teivo Teivainen and writer, activist and fearless commentator, Maryan Abdulkarim join the discussion.

24 May / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North: Women in Finland's military - voluntary, obligatory or not at all?

perjantaina 17.5.201930 min

Should women in Finland be required to serve up to one year of military or civil service in the name of equality? Our guests are sociologist and former army chaplain Suvi Kouri, Minna Vähäsalo from the Committee of 100 peace organisation and Kaj Raninen from the Union of Conscientious Objectors.

How equitable is Finland's higher education system, anyway?

perjantaina 10.5.201928 min

Does status buy access into higher education in Finland? Our guests education sociologist Sonja Kosunen and Adina Nivukoski from the Union of Upper Secondary School Students explore the potential obstacles to getting a degree. 10 May / All Points North / Yle News

Talk is cheap, especially in politics -- or is it?

perjantaina 3.5.201947 min

Finland has seen a parade of politicians eating their words over very public positions and views, often articulated on social media. Has political discourse become more discordant and increasingly close to the limit of the law? At the same time, politicians are managing to "mainstream" some of their ideas by cloaking them in murky language. What's the media's role in the changing national conversation? Our guests are journalist Aurora Lemma and Tampere University senior researcher Heikki Heikkilä.

Philippine nurses in Finland - swallowing a bitter pill

perjantaina 26.4.201938 min

Some Filipino nurses in Finland don't always get the work they signed up for. Our guests, Anndra Dumo, a Filipino nurse in Finland, Päivi Kantanen from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Lauri Koponen from the Finnish Association of Private Care Providers, shine a light on the issue. 26 April / All Points North / Yle News

Finland veers left -- and right: Finding consensus after a divisive election

keskiviikkona 17.4.201960 min

Sunday's general election exposed a deeply fragmented political landscape, with the result largely split between the populist right and the climate-friendly left. Voters united to repudiate the austerity politics of prime minister Juha Sipilä's Centre Party. How will the Social Democrats, who won by a narrow margin, stitch together a governing coalition and heal the divisions laid open by the vote? Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley join the show to untangle the threads.17 April / All Points North / Yle News

The Social Democratic Party -- election victory in sight?

perjantaina 12.4.201936 min

With just two days to go before Finland's parliamentary election a spanking-new Yle poll shows the Social Democratic Party with a narrowing lead over the rest of the political field, with the immigration-sceptic Finns Party now in second place. Will voters remain faithful on polling day and who is likely to join the party in government? Joining APN to ponder the possibilities are Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley. 12 April 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Yle News Debate 2019 - All Points North special edition

keskiviikkona 10.4.201975 min

On 14 April Finland will elect a new parliament and ahead of that poll Yle News hosted an election debate featuring representatives from all of the major parties to grill them - in English - about their plans for the country’s future. This special edition of All Points North presents the audio from the whole debate, which was originally broadcast on 25 March, 2019. 10 April 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

The National Coalition Party -- power under pressure

perjantaina 5.4.201937 min

Just two weeks out from Finland's parliamentary elections the National Coalition finds itself under pressure from the Finns Party, which is threatening to win big at the polls. Can the centre-right party steady its course to remain a strong contender for government -- and the premiership? Political commentators Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley join us to consider their odds. 5 April 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

The Centre Party and the burden of office

perjantaina 29.3.201931 min

A fresh Yle poll shows Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's Centre Party hobbling toward next month's general election with 14.4 percent voter support. Has the burden of incumbency affected the party's prospects at the polls? Did Sipilä's unilateral decision to have his government quit over its failed social and health care reform programme harm or help the party? Political commentator Sini Korpinen and journalist Sam Kingsley join APN to examine these and other burning questions.

On the brink of a breakthrough? The Greens

perjantaina 22.3.201922 min

After quitting the ranks of government citing environmental principles, the Greens are living their best political life. The party has had its ups and downs, but has posted mostly steady gains in voter polls since the breakup and now stands poised for a breakthrough into the big league -- the top three most popular parties in the country. Have they got what it takes for a big finish in the upcoming elections? Political commentator Sini Korpinen and journalist Sam Kingsley join APN for a look at the Greens' chances of breaking into the top three. 22 March 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Election dark horse? The Finns Party

perjantaina 15.3.201944 min

The Finns Party has become as well known for controversy as it has for its hardline stance on immigration and its euro-scepticism. Recent polls show the party gaining momentum in the run-up to the April general election. Do they have what it takes for a strong finish -- and for a role in government? APN looks at the pitched battle for poll position with political commentator Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley. 15 March 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

The surprise government collapse and a look at the Left Alliance

perjantaina 8.3.201924 min

This week we're talking about the sudden resignation of government on Friday, after long-planned reforms to the country's social and health care system ran aground. We'll also examine the Left Alliance and its bid to rally workers in the upcoming election. Political commentator Sini Korpinen joins us for all this and more.

Stuck in a rut? The Swedish People's Party

perjantaina 1.3.201927 min

The Swedish People's Party tumbled out of government in 2015 when Juha Sipilä's centre-right coalition took office. Now with the governing parties under threat over unpopular austerity and employment-boosting measures, the largely one-theme group is looking to rejoin the government ranks. Journalist Sam Kingsley and political commentator Sini Korpinen join APN to examine whether the party has what it takes for a political comeback. 1 March 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Breakaway Blue Reform - Life after the Finns Party with Sini Korpinen

perjantaina 22.2.201936 min

Nearly two years ago, the Blue Reform split from the Finns Party when a new immigration hardliner took over. Now that the dust has settled, the Blues and the Finns Party each have the same number of seats in Parliament, but their voter support figures couldn't be more different. Will the Blues survive the election and how will their time in this government be remembered? 22 February 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

The Christian Democrats' crusade to safeguard family values with Sini Korpinen and Sam Kingsley

perjantaina 15.2.201931 min

Finland's Christian Democratic Party is hoping to win voters over with a general election platform that focuses on safeguarding families and traditional values. Can proposals to throw more money at families with children convince the electorate to give them enough leverage to form part of the next government? This week APN begins a series of pre-election party snaphots with international journalist Sam Kingsley and political commentator Sini Korpinen. 15 February 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Breaking into the Finnish job market with Taina Susiluoto and Eve Kyntäjä

perjantaina 8.2.201945 min

Finland has been positioning itself as an ideal place to live, study and build a career. But for many people that dream runs into a brick wall when they try to find a job. The unemployment rate among foreign-language groups in Helsinki is double that of the local population. At the same time, employers are bemoaning the lack of qualified job applicants. Taina Susiluoto and Eve Kyntäjä join All Points North to discuss what it takes to break into the Finnish labour market. 8 February / All Points North / Yle News

Top 5 reasons Finland loves lists with Peter Vesterbacka and Frank Martela

perjantaina 1.2.201939 min

Quality of life, education, stability, safety, freedom. These are just some of qualities that put Finland at the top of a host of global rankings. The country also spends millions promoting these listings. We asked one of Finland's foremost branding gurus, former marketing chief behind Angry Birds Peter Westerbacka and philosophy researcher Frank Martela about Finland's near-obsession with being Number One. 1 February / All Points North / Yle News

Much ado about Brexit with Ilkka Salmi and Tim Bird

perjantaina 25.1.201936 min

The clock is ticking for UK citizens across Europe as the date approaches for their country's divorce from the European Union. Some already have a sense of what to expect in their adopted homes after March 29 when Brexit is scheduled to take effect. But Brits living in Finland have been anxious about the relative lack of clarity regading their post-Brexit status. Ilkka Salmi, Permanent Secretary in the Interior Ministry and Tim Bird, a UK citizen resident in Helsinki, join APN to talk about the situation.

Child sex abuse allegations in Finnish media

perjantaina 18.1.201927 min

This week APN examines how the media has handled recent reports of alleged sex abuse crimes in which all of the suspects are immigrants. News organisations have covered the story extensively - including opinion pieces and reader views expressing concern and outrage. In the pre-election ramp-up, lawmakers and politicians of all stripes have also joined the sometimes heated debate on the issue, with some proposing harsher penalties for sex offences. Along with special guests media researcher Anu Koivunen and journalist Sam Kingsley, we'll examine how the Finnish media has handled the ongoing, sensitive subject so far. 18 January 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Poverty in Finland with Eeva-Maria Grekula, Liisa Heinämäki and Jiri Sironen

perjantaina 11.1.201948 min

Election fever is building in Finland and a recent poll indictaes that the persistent problem of poverty and inequality is one of the issues voters want politicians to tackle. This week All Points North looks at the roots and growth of poverty and discusses concrete measures for future governments to root out indigence and social exclusion. Guests are Jiri Sironen, chair of European Anti-Poverty Network in Finland, Eeva-Maria Grekula, who has lived with poverty and Liisa Heinämäki, project manager in the Office of the Prime Minister, where officials are developing a policy toolkit for the next administration to combat poverty and marginalisation. 11 January 2019 / All Points North / Yle News

Jobs, workers' rights, discrimination - and Trump: APN 2018

perjantaina 21.12.201834 min

2018 was a big year for Finland as the Trump-Putin summit focused the eyes of the world on Helsinki. All Points North revisits the landmark meeting and other major news stories that shaped conversations in Finland throughout an eventful 12 months. 21 December 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Finland's measles scare with virologist Mia Kontio

perjantaina 14.12.201833 min

A pre-schooler diagnosed with measles in late November prompted health officials in western Finland cast their net wide to track down everyone the child may have come into contact with -- and since then officials have diagnosed more measles cases. The latest round of infections has prompted a national debate on how to maintain herd immunity so that vulnerable groups of people who cannot be vaccinated do not risk infection. All Points North talks with Mia Kontio, a senior measles and MMR specialist with the national public health watchdog THL, about the occurrence of measles in a country, where many people have been vaccinated, but where there are some gaps in vaccination coverage. 14 December 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Money or kids with Osmo Kontula and Safa Ali

perjantaina 30.11.201831 min

Finland's birth rate has dropped to levels last seen during the 1868 famine. Some say the situation threatens the future of the country. Our guests will help us find out why so many people are delaying having children or choosing not to have them at all. We'll talk with research professor at the Family Federation of Finland Osmo Kontula and Safa Ali, a mother of two kids who wants a third, but says Finland is too expensive. 30 November 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Marjukka Turunen and Risto E.J. Penttilä assess Finland's basic income trial

perjantaina 23.11.201845 min

Finland's two-year basic income trial, a programme that randomly selected 2,000 unemployed jobseekers and paid them 560 euros tax-free every month, wraps up at the end of the year. The aim was to see if the benefits system could be re-designed to deal with a changing labour market, where full-time permanent jobs appear to be becoming a thing of the past. Kela change director Marjukka Turunen and Risto EJ Pentillä, head of the Nordic West Office think tank join us to talk about the experiment, and we'll also hear from Juha Järvinen, a well-known participant in the pilot. 23 November 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Tiina Ristikari and Elina Marjamäki on young people's mental health

perjantaina 16.11.201836 min

Henna Huttu and Sam Kingsley on Roma portrayals in Finnish media

perjantaina 9.11.201829 min

Outi Haanperä and Hanna Aho talk Finland's climate strategies and their implications for ordinary people

perjantaina 12.10.201847 min

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä called for a multi-party huddle soon after the UN's climate watchdog issued a wake-up call for action to combat climate change. How should Finland meet its climate goals? And what kind of impact will new measures have on our everyday lives? Two guests join us today: Outi Haanperä, a lead climate solutions specialist with the state innovation agency Sitra and Hanna Aho, a climate justice expert from Kepa, a development NGO. 12 October / All Points North / Yle News

Ville-Veikko Pulkka evaluates the state of workers' rights in Finland

perjantaina 5.10.201834 min

New legislation underway will make it easier for small firms to fire workers, and unions are pulling no punches to try and stop what they see as the erosion of workers' rights. Meanwhile food courier workers are up in arms over an ultimatum to sign up for reduced pay -- or hit the road. Our guest on All Points North this week is digital economy labour researcher Ville-Veikko Pulkka from Helsinki University. 5 October / All Points North / Yle News

Allyana Thomas makes the case for fast-tracking integration in Swedish

perjantaina 28.9.201826 min

All Points North considers whether Swedish might be an easier nut to crack when it comes to learning a new language in Finland. We also discuss the likelihood of finding work with Swedish rather than Finnish under your belt and consider whether more programmes should encourage people to integrate into Finland in Swedish. Our guest is Allyana Thomas who has walked the talk and is integrating in Swedish. 28 September 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Steve El-Sharawy takes us on a guided tour of the underbelly of social media

perjantaina 21.9.201836 min

This week APN examines the impact social media has on people and the media. We'll talk about relationships between big media and regular folks, and how social media is changing everthing from consumer habits to political leanings in Finland. Our special guest is Steve El-Sharawy, the head of insights at EzyInsights, a social media analysis and consulting firm used by thousands of journalists around the world. 21 September 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Kaisu Keisala-Kaseja and Edem Agbekey-Taylor talk migrants and entrepreneurship in Finland

perjantaina 14.9.201840 min

This week APN takes a deep dive into migrants and entrepreneurship in Finland. We'll discuss what it takes to get started in business and strategies for staying in the game. Our special guests are Edem Agbekey-Taylor, who single-handedly built up her beauty brand and got it on the shelves of major Finnish chains, and Kaisu Keisala-Kaseja a newly-appointed private sector immigrant entrepreneurship coordinator. 14 September 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Tuomas Enbuske has opinions about empathy in Finland, politicians' silly season and how to be bored

perjantaina 7.9.201835 min

This week APN considers empathy and harassment in Finland, the objectification of men and politicians and their rhetoric. We'll also look at how the rich evade taxation, how to connect immigrants with jobs and the art of being bored. Our guest this week is outspoken celebrity media pundit and writer Tuomas Enbuske. 7 September 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Michaela Moua on PoC haircare in Finland, the veneer of Finnish honesty, and coping with isolation

perjantaina 31.8.201830 min

The All Points North podcast throws out a lifeline for people of colour in need of support for their special hair needs. We'll also look at plagiarism claims against a Finns Party politician and ponder how to tackle loneliness among unemployed people. This week's special guest is Michaela Moua, vice-chair of the Anti-Racist Forum and former national basketball player. 31 August 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

James MacDonlad talks about life as a transgender person, limits of civil disobedience, a tarnished hero and bad dogs

perjantaina 24.8.201838 min

The All Points North podcast team delves into edgy comedy routines, a Greens party worker under fire for attempting to stop a deportation flight, a survivor of the Turku stabbing attacks admitting to benefits fraud, a debate over the perceived dangers of certain dog breeds and more! This week's special guest is transgender person and comedian James MacDonald. 24 August 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Teivo Teivainen talks presidential powers, foreign minister's abortion views, jobs and living in Helsinki

perjantaina 17.8.201831 min

Our special guest is Teivo Teivainen, Helsinki University Professor of World Politics. Our podcast this week considers presidential powers, what a foreign minister should or shouldn't say, how to get the jobless back to work and whether Helsinki is a liveable city or not? 17 August 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Trump-Putin summit special

tiistaina 17.7.201843 min

As Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki, Yle News breaks down the issues and fallout from the summit with special guest Charly Salonius-Pasternak.

Lauren Stevens talks about marriage equality, LGBT rights and Helsinki Pride

perjantaina 15.6.201829 min

This week's All Points North welcomes Lauren Stevens to discuss gay marriage, LGBT rights and the importance of Pride events. 15 June 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Toivo Haimi explains everything you (n)ever wanted to know about Finnish politics

perjantaina 8.6.201832 min

This week's All Points North asks Yle Kioski's Toivo Haimi to explain Finnish politics, and ponders whether taxi deregulation will bring better or cheaper services. 9 June 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Carmen Baltzar on racism faced by Romani people, Veikkaus and betting

perjantaina 1.6.201832 min

This week's All Points North asks Romani filmmaker and writer Carmen Baltzar whether the tide might be turning against racism in Finland. We also look at the position of Veikkaus as a betting firm draped in the national flag, and include a roundup of all the week's top stories. 1 June 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo unpacks new data privacy rules and its impact on individuals and small organisations

perjantaina 25.5.201834 min

On this week's All Points North Helsinki University law lecturer Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo picks apart new EU data privacy rules. Plus, we look at what the regulation means for consumers and for small businesses and organisations as they try to remain on the right side of national laws.

Anu Koivunen, the #metoo campaign and trail running in the forests

perjantaina 18.5.201831 min

This week's All Points North asks Anu Koivunen why the #metoo campaign has been slower to take off in Finland than elsewhere and looks at an especially Finnish pastime. 18 May 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North: Mikko Kiesiläinen talks higher education, liberalism, Finland's EU membership and plagiarism

perjantaina 11.5.201830 min

This week's All Points North looks at liberalism in Finland with Mikko Kiesiläinen of the Libera think tank. We also ask what's changed since Finland joined the EU, whether admission exams are a relic of the past, and plagiarism in high places. 11 May 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 4.5.201834 min

This week's All Points North looks at feminist myths, #metoo in Finland, Sami opposition to a railway project in Lapland, whether dual citizens should be allowed to serve in the military and the prosecution of policemen over lax oversight of informants. Our special guest this week is Maryan Abdulkarim. 4 May 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 27.4.201832 min

This week's All Points North looks at an aid organisation's controversial but award-winning ad campaign featuring a pregnant 12 year-old girl. Joining us to discuss the issue are researcher Dr. Faith Mkwesha and Eva Anttila, acting fundraising director with Plan International Finland, which was responsible for the advert. We'll also look at a proposal to replace bread queues with sit-down meals indoors. 27 April 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 20.4.201835 min

This week's All Points North examines the challenges of navigating a cityscape as a visually impaired person. Our special guest is Licia Prehn, who's legally blind, and she gives us a better perspective on what the world is like for people with impaired vision. We also talk about a potential political shake-up, Finland's favourite foods and more! 20 April 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 13.4.201833 min

This week's All Points North looks at the high cost of children's sports, the difficulty of learning Finnish, and the greatest Finnish basketball player of all time, Lauri Markkanen. Our speical guest this week is sports journalist Janne Oivio. 13 April 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North: Matti Apunen, Pamela Spokes, the controversial 'activation model' and Veikkausliiga

perjantaina 6.4.201835 min

This week's All Points North looks at the controversial activation model that threatens to cut benefits for unemployed people. Guests are Canadian entrepreneur Pamela Spokes, and Matti Apunen who heads up the EVA think tank, who hash out the arguments over the model and discuss Finland's unusual plan to ban postponements of football matches. 6 April 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 23.3.201838 min

This week's All Points North is all about brinkmanship over Brexit -- and specifically what it means for Brits living here in Finland and possibly other parts of Europe. Our special guests this Friday are Yle special EU correspondent Susanna Turunen and Joel Willans, the man behind the highly popular Very Finnish Problems and its equally topical offshoot, Very Brexit Problems.

All Points North

perjantaina 16.3.201834 min

This week APN asks whether Finland is really the happiest country in the world, explores the relationship between academic research and the paranormal, and looks at Finns' passion for coffee. Our special guest this week is comic Ali Jahangiri. 16 March 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 9.3.201831 min

This week APN looks at a contentious debate over hiring daycare teachers, the issue of loneliness in Finland, how to find a public sauna and more. Our special guest is media personality Ruben Stiller. 9 March 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 2.3.201833 min

This week APN looks at Helsinki University professors and other staff who walked off the job to protest failed wage negotiations, hockey fans talk about beer drinking in sports arena stands in light of new alcohol laws, and we discuss the idiosyncracies of Finnish etiquette. Our special guest is Teivo Teivainen, a Helsinki University Professor of World Politics. 2 March 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 23.2.201831 min

This week's All Points North examines media diversity in Finland, Sunday bonuses and industrial strife, takes a look at the frightfully cold weather and all the rest of the week's top stories with special guest freelance writer Maryan Abdulkarim. February 23, 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 16.2.201835 min

In Episode 2 of All Points North we talk about the unfolding mystery involving a Finnish weapons representative who died in Uganda, United Nations criticism of Finland's deportation policy, Finland's plans to change laws concerning dual citizens and more. Our special guest this week is online sensation Licia Prehn. February 16, 2018 / All Points North / Yle News

All Points North

perjantaina 9.2.201831 min

This week's All Points North looks at the increasingly popular world of e-sports, asks if plans for a Sami reconciliation commission are on the right track, examines plans to change Finland's rules on dual citizenship, and takes a look at the Winter Olympics. This week’s special guest is Yle foreign correspondent Mika Mäkeläinen.